Ełk Science and Technology Park helps innovative companies to achieve maturity and the ability to function independently on the market. We support knowledge and experience as well as professional care tailored to individual needs. The companies located in the Park are provided with favorable development conditions. We offer a system of preferential rental rates for renting space, wide access to reception and office services as well as consulting and training services. In addition, an important element of the company's incubation system is the possibility of using them at a further stage of their development from other infrastructure such as conference and training rooms.

Incubator offer:     

  • A modern, friendly environment     
  • Scientific and business care     
  • Advice and support     
  • Facilitating cooperation with cooperators     
  • Comfort and safety     
  • Good address     
  • Law advices

The company is under the care of the Science and Technology Park Incubator in Ełk for three years. During these 3 years, the incubated company mainly uses preferential rent rates, which are shaped as follows:    

  •  1st year of incubation – 75% discount,     
  • II year of incubation – 50% discount,     
  • III year of incubation – 20% discount for office space and 25% discount for production space.

After the incubation, the company has the right to stay in the Park paying a 100% rent rate of 35.99 PLN / m2. Detailed rates can be found in the Price List

How to reach us?

Detailed information on joining the Incubator can be obtained at the headquarters of the Ełk Science and Technology Park at Podmiejska Street 5, calling telephone numbers 87 732 63 05 or 87 732 63 03 or by sending an email to

Download the SET OF APPLICATION DOCUMENTS in the docx format: