The laboratory has applied for accreditation!

 We hope that the Microbiological Food and Production Research Laboratory operating at the Science and Technology Park in Ełk will soon enter a new, higher level of activity. On December 14, 2018, after 1.5 years of preparation, the Polish Accreditation Center submitted an application for granting an eLink accreditation laboratory. Preparations for submitting the accreditation application were a very complicated process. From the very beginning the laboratory’s operating procedures were created in accordance with the Polish and European guidelines, and the equipment and test equipment necessary for the operation of a professional laboratory was purchased in accordance with the requirements of accredited units.

Accreditation significantly expands the possibilities of the institution holding it. First of all, the tests performed by our Laboratory will be representative. This means that the results of these tests can be officially used and will be respected by other laboratories and research institutes. Having accreditation opens new possibilities for acquiring clients who, thanks to the tests carried out at the Laboratory in Ełk, will obtain an official confirmation of the quality of production processes and products created. The target clients of the Laboratory of Microbiological Food and Production Research will primarily be companies from the food and agricultural industries.

The application verification process may take several months. We wait and keep our fingers crossed for the positive assessment of our Laboratory!