Hub Of Talents

The “Start Platform for New Ideas Hub of Talents” project ended on April 30, 2017. The project was implemented by 6 technoparkes from the Warmian-Masurian and Podlasie voivodships. 636 originators applied for participation – 70 of them were given the opportunity to support the incubation process. 5 start-ups chose the Ełk Science and Technology Park as their incubator. The incubation began officially on September 1, 2016. During 8 months of incubation, the start-ups underwent intensive training, among others in the field of team building, lean management, effective PR techniques and proper self-presentation. Under the supervision of the start-up supervisors, who were Magdalena Wiśniewska and dr Karol Kowalewski, they were looking for the optimal development path for their companies and refined the business concepts of their ideas. The park also guaranteed all the start-ups services in the field of accounting, as well as the care of a patent attorney and the development of promotional materials such as the company’s logo.

Below is a list of start-ups incubating in the Science and Technology Park in Ełk during the “Start Platform for New Ideas Hub of Talents” project:     

  • PSYCHO SPARROW BOOTS Sp. from o. o. The object of the startup’s activity is the production of individually made shoes for speed skating, rollers and gears. The planned product will be characterized by high quality and better fitting to the foot. In addition, it will be lighter than the skates and rollers currently proposed on the market.     
  • LIFEGUARD Sp. from o. o. Lifeguard is an easy-to-use device that helps you save your life. It is a special rescue belt (not a vest), which will increase the safety of all persons.     
  • PURUS AER Sp. from o. o. Air Purification Stations is a project that can contribute to the elimination of carcinogens and other harmful airborne compounds. It is a one-of-a-kind product and its social importance is invaluable. So far, no similar product has been introduced to the market.
  • RSL Sp. z o.o. The RSL company creates devices and systems to improve the safety of road users in Poland and in the world. Their basic product is a device called SE-1, which combines the aspects of improving the visibility of the road and elements of the ITS architecture enabling traffic supervision.
  • PERSPECTIVE WALL Sp. from o. o. The product is a flexible, composite exterior wall cladding with printed three-dimensional, spatial graphics. The product is a cheaper alternative to existing façade claddings with different textures, such as architectural concrete, HPL, elevations made of aluminum panels, stone cladding. It allows you to get any color, shape.