Investment Areas

Ełk Science and Technology Park is part of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone of the Ełk Subzone. There are attractive, fully developed investment areas around the Park. We invite you to familiarize with the offer.

Location: Science and Technology Park is located along the national road No. 65 – ul. Przemysłowa, which is a city beltway. Access to the property takes place via ul. Suburban and Production (from 400 to 1500 m). In the vicinity there are numerous service, industrial and manufacturing plants.

Land area with division into individual complexes:     

  • A – 8.6581 ha,     
  • B – 7.3498 ha,     
  • C – 3.8211 ha,     
  • D – 0.8158 ha,     
  • E – 0.4518 ha.

Approximate price of the property: Complex A – approx. 40 PLN / m2 (+ VAT), Complex C – approx. 52 PLN / m2 (+ VAT), Prices of other areas range from 35 to 55 PLN / m2.

Expected date of tenders: 2015-2019

Property description and infrastructure: Access roads with asphalt surface and width of 7-8 m, road belt with a width of 14-28 m The railway is located at an approximate distance of 2.5 km and has an electrified team of railway sidings. Electricity voltage – 15 kV / 110 kV. Available power – 2 × 16 MVA. In the close vicinity (from 200 to 700 m) there is a Main Supply Point (110 / 15kV). Thanks to this installation, the entrepreneurs in the area gain wide opportunities in the range of available electric power. Gas connection at a distance of 1 to 2 km calorific value – 31 MJ / Nm pipe diameter – 200 mm Water supply directly at the plot border available volume – 1700 m3 / 24h pipe diameter – Ø 150 Sanitary sewerage directly at the border of plots available volume – 1200 m3 / 24h pipe diameter – Ø 200 – Ø 315 There are also rainwater and telecommunication sewage systems along the plots with the possibility of connection.

Purpose in the local spatial development plan:

The area of ​​the Science and Technology Park in Ełk is covered by the provisions of the local spatial development plan, called „Ełk-Podmiejska”, adopted by Resolution No. XX / 187/08 of the City Council of Ełk dated 29.01.2008 (Journal of Laws of the War-Maz No. 49, item 1020 of March 31, 2008.

Complexes A and B – marked in the local plan PS-2 – production and production and service zone; Complexes C, D and E – marked in the local plan with the UP-1 symbol – production and service zone. There are no entries causing restrictions in the development of real estate.

We invite entrepreneurs interested in purchasing investment plots to submit Annex No. 3 „Form for assessing the degree of innovation” of an enterprise applying for the purchase or lease of land. The form should be legibly filled in and submitted in person or in electronic form at the headquarters of the Ełk Science and Technology Park, room 2.6. The result of the assessment of the degree of innovation will be included in the tender criteria.

Discounts, preferences and advantages after obtaining a permit to operate in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone. For more information, click HERE.

Investment offer of the Ełk Science and Technology Park