moniaThe hereby offer is directed to persons who are fresh entrepreneurs who cannot afford a long term lease of office space, who currently work from home or to those who are thinking of quitting full time jobs as well as about the initiation of entrepreneurship activity. The concept is connected to the making available of office space where single person posts will be positioned i.e. desks with comprehensive equipment.

The offer includes:

  • broadband internet access,
  • a computer, a multi-function laser printer,
  • UPS power supply,
  • Coded access the building with the application of 24/7/365 mode of access,
  • Company correspondence address,
  • Access to the conference room with modern equipment (technical help in the organisation of
  • Fully equipped social facilities.

The post may be rent for an unlimited number of hours daily, weekly or monthly. The hourly rate is subject to individual negotiations based upon the amount of rent hours. The more hours the lower rent price.

Price list – The rent of the Post for Hours

Service type Number of Hours per Month Rate per 1h
Rent of the Post 1-10 7,31 PLN
11-20 5,68 PLN
21-30 4,06 PLN
31 and more 2,43 PLN
The Rent of a Conference Hall Based upon the provisions of the price list for the rent of conference rooms/halls

In the case of declaring for the purchase of the service for the whole year the first month is free of charge (regardless on the number of hours) along with the free of charge lease of a conference room up to the maximum of 4 hours (1 hour a week) within a month.