Conference and exhibition centre

Ełk Science and Technology Park offers its tenants as well as other external companies three exhibition and conference rooms which offer the possibility for the organisation of events up to 90 persons.

This is an ideal location for the organisation of business meetings, conferences, workshops or other professional presentations. We offer at your disposal spacious, air conditioned interiors equipped with multimedia equipment as well as a sound system indispensable in the process of organisation of the aforementioned types of meetings, thanks to which such events may be conveyed in an exceptionally effective manner.

We also make available the system of simultaneous translations, which is exceptionally indispensable in the process of the organisation of conferences, during which various participate speak foreign languages and in the process of which mutual understanding of speakers and listeners constitutes a key factor.

We offer the possibility for the organisation of:

  • congresses,
  • conferences,
  • symposiums,
  • workshops,
  • meetings,
  • schooling sessions,
  • cameral business meetings,
  • various types of presentations.
  • audio system,
  • wireless microphones,
  • conference table microphones, with the possibility for the audio recording of the meeting,
  • simultaneous translation sets (in 3 languages),
  • OHP and projecting devices,
  • multimedia boards,
  • a laptop.

We offer the following listed type of multimedia equipment indispensable for the needs of the organisation of a conference:

Upon the request submitted by the client we also make available a coffee service as well as basic catering. In the case of such need we also offer the possibility for external catering.

Our tenants and users of the “Virtual Office” are offered the possibility for the reservation of the conference hall through the “VIRTUAL OFFICE” system.

Reservation is possible form monday to friday.

Conference hall

Sala konferencyjna

Exhibition hall

Sala wystawiennicza

“Small Einstein” conference hall

Sala konferencyjna
Sala konferencyjna


The prices of rent of Conference halls:

  1 hour up to 4 hours Above 4 hours All day[1]
Tenants[2] 109.99PLN/h 79.99PLN/h 59.99PLN/h 399.99PLN
VIRTUAL OFFICE users 119.99PLN/h 89.99PLN/h 69.99PLN/h 499.99PLN
External companies 129.99PLN/h 99.99PLN/h 79.99PLN/h 599.99PLN

Price of rent of the exhibition hall:

  up to 1 hour up to 4 hours Above 4 hours All day[3]
Tenants[2] 59.99PLN/h 49.99PLN/h 39.99PLN/h 359.99PLN
VIRTUAL OFFICE users 69.99PLN/h 59.99PLN/h 49.99PLN/h 429.99PLN
External companies 79.99PLN/h 69.99PLN/h 59.99PLN/h 539.99PLN

Additional options:

Renting out of: 2013 2014
a projector free of charge 9.99PLN/day
a laptop free of charge 9.99PLN/day
The set (projector + laptop) free of charge 15.99PLN/day
a multimedia board free of charge 15.99PLN/day
The set of conference table microphones (microphones, a recording device) 49.99PLN 99.99PLN/day
The set for simultaneous translations[4] 49.99PLN 99.99PLN/day

Catering – price to be agreed.

[1] All day – 8h

[2] Tenants – once every quarter the rent of the room/hall for all day free of charge.

[3] All day – 8h