Office space

Ełk Science and Technology Park offers office space of the total surface amounting from 12,5m2 to 16,6m2. All interiors are air conditioned, additionally full equipment is ensured such as desks, wardrobes, armchairs, VOIP telephones as well as telephone landlines. Every interior is additionally equipped with a broadband Internet connection (the capacity up to 100 Mb – free of charge), VOIP telephone landline as well as UPS emergency power supply source.

At their disposal tenants also possess complete sanitary facilities (also adjusted to the needs of the disabled), as well as social facilities equipped with refrigerators, microwave ovens, kettles and coffee machines.

The fixed rent fee per mis determined at the level of 35,99PLN /m2. In the year 2013 we are offering a special discount and the rate of rent amounts to 25,99PLN /m2.

The tenant is obliged to settle a fixed exploitation fee amounting to 15,99PLN /m2, which encompasses:

  • monitoring and the upkeep and maintenance of order and cleanness of common areas,
  • access to social facilities,
  • one parking space (additionally paid – 10 PLN for the every further parking space),
  • air conditioning and mechanical ventilation as well as delivery of heat,
  • access to a conference hall (free of charge once a month, further access in return for an additional payment),
  • delivery of hot and cold water plus the removal of waste,
  • summer and winter upkeep of areas around the Park buildings, including the upkeep of green areas as well as of the parking lot,
  • removal of garbage and waste.

Regardless of the amount of rent and the exploitation fee, every tenant encumbers all of the costs associated to the individual consumption of media for instance a telephone (based upon billing).

Sample calculation of costs:

Rent per m2
Office for 3 persons 25,99PLN
Sample calculation per 16m2 (2 modules) 16m2 x (25,99PLN + 15,99PLN) + media*=

16m2 x 41,98PLN + media = 671,7PLN + media*

*in accordance to the provisions of billing

First floor view:

Rzut pierwszego piętra

Second floor view:

Rzut drugiego piętra

Office space:

Pomieszczenia biurowe

Pomieszczenia biurowe

Social facilities:

Pomieszczenia socjalne


Widok holu

Widok holu