A professional program of startup incubation services
is being launched in the macroregion of North-Western Poland.


Are you less than 35 and have an idea for an innovative product or service but you need proper support?

Join the project called “A startup platform for new ideas – Hub of Talents”.


“Hub of Talents” (HoT) is a common project launched by technology parks in the Podlaskie and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeships, which is run by the Białystok Science and Technology Park (BPN-T). The project is executed as part of the Sub-measure 1.1.1 OP Eastern Poland.

Due to the cooperation between BPN-T, Olsztyn Science and Technology Park, Elbląg Technology Park, Eł Science and Technology Park, the Industrial Park of Łomża
Sp. z o.o. and Science and Technology Park Polska-Wschód in Suwałki Sp. z o.o. you will be able to select a place, where experts will help you develop your company. Incubation cycles will take place separately in six partner cities: Białystok, Elbląg, Ełk, Łomża, Olsztyn and Suwałki.

There are over 50 entities involved in creating the Hub of Talents platform, i.e. higher education facilities, local government units, business-related institutions, capital funds and angel investors. We have also encouraged larger companies to participate, such as CISCO Systems Poland sp. z o.o and Samasz Sp. z o.o., which will provide mentoring support and advice to young originators using modern technologies.


Is the startup platform right for you?

Yes, if:

– you are less than 35,

– you have an innovative product or service, which were not a subject to any previous business activity,

– you wish to establish your own company,

– you register your company in the Podlaskie or Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.



What are the benefits of participating in the Platform?

– participating in an innovative, complex acceleration program, which offers training courses, workshops, individual mentoring, business coaching, technological support, accounting and legal services, tax advisory services, as well as marketing support,

– available areas for office work,

– membership in the developed network connecting young entrepreneurs with local governments, experienced entrepreneurs, universities, business-related institutions,

– preparing of a market verified, profitable and scalable business model of your product or service,

– with a developed innovative product/service and a prepared business model, you will be able to apply for a non-refundable subsidy used to enter the market and for an initial stage of the startup in the amount of up to 200 000 Euro coming from the Sub-measure 1.1.1 OP Eastern Poland.

More information about the platform and recruitment: startupplatforms.gov.pl

You may obtain information about the program from the following people:

  • in Białystok: Milena Kulesza – Head of the Promotion and Development Department, BPN-T, tel.: +48 85 733 39 55, e-mail: m.kulesza(at)bialystok.bpnt.pl
  • in Olsztyn: Magdalena Ben-Rynkiewicz – Head of the Business Incubator, OPN-T, tel.: +48 89 612 05 05, e-mail: m.ben-rynkiewicz(at)opnt.olsztyn.pl
  • in Elbląg: Agnieszka Owsianko – Personnel and Administration Specialist, EPT,
    : +55 239 34 67, e-mail: biuro(at)ept.umelblag.pl
  • in Ełk: Ewa Wasilewska – Development Specialist, PNT in Ełk, tel.: 728 349 899,
    e-mail: e.wasilewska(at)technopark.elk.pl
  • in Łomża: Irena Wiska, tel.: 506 149 930, e-mail: irenawska(at)wp.pl
  • in Suwałki: Mariusz Szmidt, tel.: 531 155 110, mariusz.szmidt(at)park.suwalki.pl.

The current price list of tenancy and lease of areas in the Science and Technology Park in Ełk.