Ełk Science and Technology Park Entrepreneurship Incubator

Ełk Science and Technology Park offers support to the newly established, innovative companies within the process of obtainment of maturity and capability for independent functioning upon the market. We offer support with our knowledge and experience as well as with professional assistance adjusted to individual needs. Companies located within the Park are ensured competitive conditions of development. We offer the system of preferential rent rates for the lease of space, a broad access to reception and office services as well as advisory and workshop services. Moreover, the significant element of the system of incubation is constituted by the possibility for exploitation upon the further phase of development from the remaining Ełk Science and Technology Park infrastructure.
For the newly established companies

Incubator Offer :

  • Modern, friendly surroundings
  • Scientific and business support
  • Advisory and support
  • Facilitation of co-operation with partners
  • Comfort and safety
  • A good address

Apart from the comprehensive support, which is also offered to the older companies  as part of the Park, the offer has been extended with additional elements, within such scope as:

  • Low costs of execution of entrepreneurship activity,
  • Preferential conditions of the lease of premises and space

The company receives the support of the Incubator of the Park for the period of 2 years. The period of stay within the Ełk Science and Technology Park is divided into two periods.

  1. Pre-incubation – the period of 6 months
  2. Incubation – the period from 6 months to 24 months

Following the aforementioned period the company undertakes a decision whether to remain within the Ełk Science and Technology Park as an older company through the submission of the further request or chooses its own path of development outside of the Ełk Science and Technology Park.

Application procedure as well as project execution within the Incubator of the Ełk Science and Technology Park in the city of Ełk.

Code of conduct:

  1. Obtainment of the set of information from the Ełk Science and Technology Park Office or from the following website www.technopark.elk.pl
  2. Downloading an application form for the participation within the project.
  3. Submission of the completed application form.
  4. Obtainment of the positive opinion of the Ełk Science and Technology Park in the city of Ełk.
  5. Conclusion of an agreement.
  6. Obtainment of the status of the partner of the Ełk Science and Technology Park.
  7. Newly established companies or such which convey entrepreneurship activity for the period not longer than a year.
  8. Entities which do not have a registered entrepreneurship activity under the condition of registering of entrepreneurship activity within the period of 3 months from the moment of conclusion of the co-operation agreement.

The following listed persons/entities may apply to function as part of the Entrepreneurship Incubator:

The Entrepreneurship Incubator of the Ełk Science and Technology Park may be joined by entities which execute activity of innovative character from all industries.

THE SET OF APPLICATION DOCUMENTS to be downloaded in pdf and docx format:

FORMULARZ APLIKACYJNY – inkubacja.pdf – a pdf document (document in Polish)

FORMULARZ APLIKACYJNY – inkubacja.docx – a word document (document in Polish)