Białystok Science and Technology Park

Creating the favourable infrastructure a Białystok Science and Technology Park is overarching objective increasing the innovation amongst local and regional enterprises and increasing attraction of the city of Białystok for raising investments based on modern technologies

„Technopolis” Science and Technology Park

Technopolis came into existence for the purposes of promoting the innovation in Kaunas, of concentration of innovative companies in one place, of communicating and the cooperation with oneself, of involving research institutions in activity of creating the innovation.

Elbląg Technology Park

Creating favourable conditions for taking up the, investment and research business activity is an EPT basic task. A possibility of the lease of free areas and office spaces, as well as receiving the infrastructure and professional advisory services, a technology transfer and a help in raising financial means, in it provide modern technological complex for entrepreneurs of EU funds.

Park Science - Technology Poland - the East in Suwałki

# The mission of Science - Technology Park Poland - East in Suwalki is to increase the socio - economic cohesion and economic development of the macro-region Polish north-east, and consequently the region of Podlasie, by promoting knowledge-based entrepreneurship-oriented advanced technology and the use of international cooperation opportunities.

Kielce Technology Park

Kielce Technology Park (KTP) is a multi-area economic activity, which was created for people who link their future with innovation and new technologies.KTPis one of the largest business enterprises implemented by the City of Kielce, providing comprehensive professional services technology companies at every stage of their development: from idea to market expansion.

Lublin Park of Science and Technology –S.A.

Lublin Park of Science and Technology –S.A. was created to facilitate the flow of knowledge and technology between academia and entrepreneurs. It operates in the field of consultancy in the creation and development of enterprises, technology transfer and transform the results of research and development in technological innovation. Lublin Park of Science and Technology –S.A. provides real estateand technical infrastructure businesses providing favorable conditions for doing business.

Olsztyn Science and Technology Park

Olsztyn Science and Technology Park consists of three parts and so it has been divided as to the functionality: Technology Park-a place designed for businesses with an established positionin the market; Business Incubator-place of business in the newly created, innovative companies and support their development; Technology Transfer Center-a place of research into new technologies, their use and implementation.

Puławy Science and Technology Park

Establishment of Puławy Science and Technology Park has contributed to the establishment and provision of modern, attractive housing base, necessary to undertake and run business based in particular on modern technologies. It is therefore aplace of practical cooperation and scientific institutions-research universities and manufacturing companies to conduct research on new technologies and commercial products and their transfer to production processes.

Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park “AEROPOLIS”

Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park “AEROPOLIS”is at present one of the most attractive places for investmentin south-eastern Poland. AEROPOLIS it is idea for adownload of modern business and technology, while exploiting the potential of local universities and scientific and research centers. Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park is the first industry park in Poland, which has sustained long-termand deep-rooted traditions in the region aviation industry. Park, both in the economic sphere, as well as research to be associated mainly with the aviation industry.

Industrial Park Łomża

Industrial Park Łomża is a business environment institution created for people with the interesting, innovative idea for the company.

Northtown Technology Park

Northtown Technology Park (NTP) is a public institution founded in 2002 by the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania and the Vilnius city, supported by local universities. Northtown wants to become the main business center of the city of Vilnius.

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia

PPNT offers the modern office and laboratory space, meeting halls and exhibition, prototype, the recreational space and services of the Centre of the Learning Experiment, of Regional Centre of patent information. A Gdynia Centre of the Innovation is stewarding the park - budgetary authority of the City of Gdynia.