Through the opening of the doors of the Ełk Science and Technology Park we wish to gather under the common roof the propagators of the progressive development of the city of Ełk as well as of the whole poviat: innovatory entrepreneurs, students – the path of thinking of whom is based upon the broad range of pioneer ideas as well as PhDs and graduates.

Our goal is constituted by the strengthening of co-operation between science, industry as well as other economy branches and the sector responsible for the development of high technologies. Our priority is constituted by the examination of the potential of regions as well as of the methods of its exploitation.

We hope that this upright goal as well as the prestigious mission of the Ełk Science and Technology Park  will generate interest of the visitors of our website and will encourage the initiation of co-operation in the process of the development of the innovatory environment and will contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of innovation based economy in the city of Ełk and in the whole region.

Daniel Kulig

Director of the Ełk Science and Technology Park