History of Ełk Science and Technology Park

Najedź myszką na interesującą Cię datę.

On the 22nd December 2000 based upon the provisions of the Resolution number XXIII/219/2000 of the City Council in the city of Ełk the area received the name of the Municipal Zone of Development “Techno-Park”. The Presdient of the city of Ełk Mr. Tomasz Andrukiewicz and the city Council of the city of Ełk undertook a decision about the formation of a Techno-Park in Ełk.

The project has been divided into two phases and received co-financing from two operational programmes:

  • Phase I (2009): co-financing from the project entitled PO The Development of Eastern Poland was connected to the comprehensive preparation of terrains for the needs of the execution of an investment along with the construction of internal roads and their connection to the existing system of road communication as well as the connection to media networks,
  • Phase II (2012): co-financing from the project entitled RPO Warmia and Masuria regions 2007-2013 was connected to the construction of the complex of buildings with functions enabling for the rendering of services for the benefit of the users of the Techno – Park. The buildings will execute the following listed functions:
    • Logistics and Service oriented Centre,
    • Technology Incubator,
    • Entrepreneurship Incubator,
    • Research and Development as well as Education Centre with a Laboratory.

The object was officially opened on the 17th October 2012 under the name of Ełk Science and Technology Park. On that day agreements with the first tenants were also concluded.