During the weekend of 17th and 18th of October in Science and Technology Park in Ełk the “Variations of the Science” took place. The event invited three guests: Copernicus Science Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences and Elbląg Technology Park. Each of them has prepared a separate scientific presentations and workshops, so that visitors had the unique opportunity to take advantage of many attractions in one place. Animators of the Copernicus Centre led two shows: “Music”, “300 kg of Garbage”. In addition, under the theme exhibition “Experiment” there were 15 exhibits. In the exhibition hall and lobby of the PNT there were shows conducted by the animators of the National Academy of Sciences of 4 types of workshops.

As part of the weekend event we recorded a record number of visitors of approximatelly 2,000 people.
The whole program “Variations of the Science” was to present science as fascinating areas of life, far from boredom or predictability. Participants familiarized themself with basic laboratory equipment and research techniques of particular scientific fields. The organizer of the “Variations of the Science” was the Science and Technology Park in Ełk. The honorary patronage over the event took Mayor of Ełk.