Ełk Science and Technology Park Tenants

Thermo Vitae

The company of Thermo Vitae executes services connected to the professional choice, assembly as well as service of heat elements of buildings. The scope of the offer encompasses: heat pumps, solar collectors, recuperation devices, chimneys as well as heating and sewerage and fresh running water installations.


SETUP from beginning of its operation deals with information technology for small and medium companies. Currently, the company operates in the implementation of advanced IT solutions for COMARCH. The company's mission is to satisfy client needs for IT support management of enterprises, so that you can reap economic benefits.

For Fame

For Fame conducts sports and managerial innovative form of training on-line, via the most modern available on the market e-learning platform, which is responsive, meaning you can use it also on a smartphone or tablet. In the near future it is planned to conduct training "live" in a webinar. For Fame has been awarded "Local Stars" by the international portal Groupon sales group and is a member of the European Health & Fitness Association, based in Brussels.

Skład Rolny Sp. z o.o.

Skład Rolny Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of innovative mineral sulfur-based, with wide application in agriculture. The company has been operating since 2012 and gradually increasing market share and product portfolio. The company serves both local contractors (trading companies, farms) and foreign partners, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Finland. Based on the possibility of Ełk Science and Technology Park in Elk, they are planned a new unique products, addressed to customers in the agricultural industry.

CG Cable

CG Cable Sp. z o. o.


Baslighting The company provides services in the broadest sense light technology. Deals with comprehensive preparation of projects of lighting systems, creating 3D visualization, delivery of equipment, lighting, along with supervision, riots and coordination on site.


Association ,,Pasłęk Center for Economic Development"is an organization operating since 1994. The main objective of the Association" CREP "it is to support economic development, entrepreneurship development and promotion of employment and professional activation of the unemployed. The Association pursues a number of programs in cooperation with Labour Offices , Social Welfare Centres from several districts of Warmia and Mazury and Pomorskie.


Geogis is a company dedicated to the geodesic controls additional area, performing surveying chamber and field. The company is working on the use of the measurement work aviation technology including drones, to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.


The company is engaged in the distribution and execution of works using concrete and mortar anti-corrosion oxydtron-nanocement. They are global solutions, materials science, reaching atomic structures, przebudowującymi molecular links traditional building materials, giving them a new and improved properties. The product can be used m. In. dehumidifying buildings, foundations and walls, waterproofing components, injection of gravity (injection - crystallization) to perform any kind of damp insulation.

Energy Solution Innovation

The Energy Solution Innovation conducts research in the field of alternative and innovative sources of energy, designing new types of batteries, using the latest achievements of world science and she also sets new directions in the development of science.


The company produces waste containers, trailers and hydraulic systems used in the process of waste disposal.


The manufacturer of garage doors and industrial uses cutting-edge production systems. Gates provide maximum interior silence and protection against heat loss. The manufacturer also provides full automation of its products. Created production line will use the most modern in the region of production systems and painting elements gates.


The company operates in the construction industry using the method called. concreting of the slide. It uses the specialized equipment, which are mobile production facilities, it is possible to transport a typical truck. Its services are widely used primarily in road construction.

Art Light Group

The company deals with lighting and performance of theatrical performances, concerts and occasional events. It will soon launch a state-of-the-art LED lighting stage. Art Light Group performs tours for the biggest stars of the Polish music scene. The main task of the company is - as the creators admit - the creation of impressions and emotions.


Elkoinvestment Company was established in 2017. The area of operation of the company is widely understood improvement of energy efficiency and rationalization of energy resources management. Elkoinvestment specializes in energy audits, cogeneration, photovoltaic installations, solar collectors and hybrid installations.


The company will implement new technological solutions in the construction industry.

Code Shakers

Code Shakers is a creative team specializing in products for the Internet. We create a positive image of companies through professional websites and web applications and stores. We design logo and visual identification. The range of our services will enable our customers to be online and to promote their brand!


The SAPHIRO project was created in response to the needs of the cosmetics market for men's facial hair care, based on traditional crafts. Manufactory is focused on the manual creation of natural cosmetics for men, made of organic and natural raw materials. The assumption of the project is to create great quality products at affordable prices, which will make them available to a wide audience. The SAPHIRO project is an innovative combination of handicrafts and the will to meet the needs of the market.


The company deals in the creation of excellent quality connections for precast concrete products.

Kalamus Park

145/5000 The company deals with the preparation of natural dermocosmetics based on calamus and other natural ingredients of Polish origin.


The company participated in the competition "Your start-up - Your future" in 2017. In 2018, she established cooperation with the Science and Technology Park in Ełk. It will be involved in the production of functional underwear containing alginate fibers with silver and gold nanoparticles for the care of atopic and prone to skin inflammation, as well as non-sterile medical products such as polypropylene nonwoven liners, cellulose pads, high-absorbing underlays, visitor aprons, sets cover for bedding, sets of bedding.


We specialize in production of top-quality aircraft lighting systems using high-tech LED technology. Since the number of aviation users grows every year, the airspace becomes more and more crowded. When flying in the early and late hours, pilots are exposed to the risk of collision due to bad visibility. Our lighting significantly improves visibility, which ensures safety to all aircrafts.

Steel Group

The company deals in the implementation of marketing strategies, brand building, PR training and marketing audits.